They Say Time Is Money…
But It Doesn’t Have To Be

As a physician I understand the daily challenges and stresses that physicians face. That time is precious and should be spent on what matters most to you. We are conditioned to think we have to wait until retirement to enjoy life.

This isn’t true!

Instead of trading your time for money, let us help you build wealth through hassle-free real estate investment opportunities. Let your money work hard for you while we take care of the heavy lifting.

We understand the importance of a healthy work-life balance, and our investment opportunities are designed to allow you to do just that. Trust us to help you create financial freedom and enjoy life on your own terms.


Live life your way

Alternative investments have consistently proven to be powerful tools for building wealth. In fact, a significant number of the world’s millionaires have achieved their status through savvy alternative investments, including real estate. However, the stress, risk, and time commitment associated with managing these investments aren’t for everyone.

That’s where our passive investment opportunities come in. They’re designed to help you build wealth while continuing to enjoy life on your terms. With our hassle-free approach, all you need to do is make an initial investment, and we’ll handle the rest. We take on the heavy lifting, allowing you to reap the financial benefits and freedom that come with a well-diversified investment portfolio.

The Benefits of Real Estate Investments


Shalwin Properties

We are a private equity commercial real estate investment firm that provides investors access to pre-vetted deals, so that they can confidently invest in alternative assets to diversify their portfolio and build their wealth.

The company is co-founded by a husband and wife team. Ben Winski is a successful serial entrepreneur who has 20 years of construction experience and Ronnie Shalev is board certified physician turned real estate investor. Both are successful commercial real estate investors who have diversified into multifamily, self-storage, industrial warehouse, retail, RV parks, mobile home parks, and assisted living.

Our Portfolio

Prime at Lake Highlands

Dallas, TX
98 Units

Co-Op at The

Med Center

Houston, Tx
200 Units


Fort Worth, TX
400 Units

How To Get Started?


Read Ronnie’s chapter:

How I Became a Financially Retired ER Physician

Watch Free Webinar:

Building Predictable Wealth Through Real Estate

Unlock the secrets of successful real estate investing! Watch our engaging webinar instantly by clicking on the video from Shalwin Properties and elevate your understanding of commercial real estate.

Our Testimonials

It has really been a privilege to partner with Ronnie and Ben and Shalwin Properties! They have provided invaluable education on multifamily investing, and direct insight into progress and strategies on my investments. They have shown tireless commitment to outcomes and to doing the right thing for investors. I look forward to investing in additional projects together, so that we can continue to grow
our wealth and find financial freedom!

Thank you for your leadership and commitment.

Mary Lou Roper, MD


I have had the pleasure to invest with Shalwin Properties on multiple occasions and in different capacities. Their dedication and commitment to their investors, team, and properties is genuine. I look forward to future opportunities.

Gyle Dale


Choosing the right sponsor or GP is important in apartment syndication deals. Shalwin Properties is the right sponsor to work with. Some of the many qualities I like in Ronnie and Ben with Shalwin Properties are: trustworthiness, hands-on asset management, willingness to communicate, transparency, ethical, attention to detail, sound business plans, and choice of apartment deals.

Cody A. Cox, M.D.


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